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Configure video settings

With Hippo Video, you’ll be able to configure your video settings. The video settings option varies based on the permissions enabled for the user profile - Standard Admin and  Standard User.

Note: To know more about user profiles, click here.
  • Admin - Access to all the features. 

  • User - Access to In-video meeting linkDesktop/Push Notifications, and Email Notifications features, by default.  

Note: You can modify the video settings (enable/disable) at any time and the changes made will reflect accordingly.

Configurations inside video settings:

  • Default In-video meeting link,

  • Desktop/Push notifications,

  • Email notifications,

  • Content privacy configuration,

  • Require email to view feature, and

  • Settings to show video duration on the thumbnail

To configure your video settings:

  1. Login to Hippo Video using your existing credentials.

  2. Click on the More icon button from the left nav bar and click on Settings.

  1. Or click on the Settings icon from the left navbar.

  1. Select Video Settings.

  1. You’ll notice various forms of video settings.

Default In-video meeting link (Admin and User)

This feature will show the calendar to book meetings at the end of every video. By default, the Enable this CTA at the end of the video and Apply to all users in the account toggle buttons is OFF.

Note: Check out this article on how to add In-video meetings for the specific video and check out this article on how to add globally.

Desktop/Push Notifications (Admin and User)

By default, the Toggle button will be ON. This notifies you when someone watches or replies to your video.

Email Notification (Admin and User)

By default, the Toggle button will be ON for the options such as Video watched for the first timeWatched video multiple times notification, and Replied with video. You get notified whenever you get a video reply or if a video is watched by someone. If required, you can enable Show notification from unknown contacts.

Content Privacy Configuration (only Admin)

By default, the Content privacy configuration toggle button is OFF, which means your team's assets will not be automatically shared within the company and are private to the owner. The asset creator will always be able to override this setting and share it with his or her team. As an admin, you can turn ON the switch, which lets your team’s assets such as videos and documents, sales pages, teleprompter scripts, and template builders visible to everyone in the organization.

Require email to view (only Admin)

This feature will capture the intent data of your prospects before watching the video or accessing the sales page. By default, the Enable ‘Require email to view’ by default for all the workflows toggle button is OFF. The creator still has permission to override this setting and share it accordingly.

Note: Check out this article on how to enable this feature for the specific video.

Settings to show video duration on the thumbnail (only Admin)

By default, the Show video time if it is below 2 min is set. You can choose your preferred way to display the option of video duration on the thumbnail.

Note: Check out this article on how to enable this feature for the specific video.

Once you’re done, click Save at the top right corner.

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