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Add forms inside the sales page templates

In Hippo Video, you can now quickly embed the forms inside the sales page templates. This will help you gather information on valuable leads. 

To navigate to the sales page templates:

  1. Log-in to  Hippo Video with your existing credentials.

  2. Hover the mouse over the HV Studio icon on the left navigation bar and click on the Sales Page Templates.

  3. You’ll be redirected to the All Templates tab under the Sales Page Templates screen. 

Note: To learn more about sales pages, click here, and its element usage, click here.

To add forms inside the sales page templates:

  1. Go to any one of the tabs on the left panel. Here, for example, select the Prospecting tab and click on the Add More button at the top right.

  2. The Add Greetings Video From Library slider will appear with various templates.

  1. Hover the mouse over the template of your choice. Let’s select the Pitch Wireframe template.

  1. You can either Preview your template.

  1. Or click on the Use button. All the elements that are available on the preview page are customizable but the primary video cannot be added during the creation of the sales page. It can only be added when you share them with your prospects. Based on the branding permissions, the user will be able to edit the branding settings.

Note: Please refer to this article for more detail about branding and non-branding elements.

  1. Here, you can edit the title, format text, insert an image, change the background color, insert merge fields, and add a carousel.

  1. Below the primary video section, select the Button Type as Form, and you will see the Form used options at the top.

  1. You’ll notice that the Form used options at the top. Enter the button name in the Button Text field.

  1. You also have the option to change the button text color and background color using the appropriate options.

  1. You can select the Form used as,

  1. Default - Select to configure the form.

  2. HubSpot - Select to embed the HubSpot form. Click here to check on how to get Portal Id in HubSpot and Click here to check on how to get a Form Id in HubSpot.
    Fill in the details and then click Apply to configure the HubSpot form.

  1. Pardot - Select to embed Pardot form and click Apply to configure the Pardot form.

  1. Here, we have selected the Form used as Default and clicked on Form Configuration, to edit the default form.

  1. The Edit Form will appear. Here, the Mandatory fields are non-editable and Optional fields are editable.

  1. You’ll be able to change the title and button.

  1. Title - Option to change the font type, text color, font face, text alignment, and link.

  1. Button - Option to change the button text and background color.

  1. Once done, click Save and Next at the bottom right. You’ll be redirected to the sales page settings screen.

  2. Fill in the fields required such as,

  • Sales page template name - Name your sales page template.

  • Page URL - Gets updated based on the sales page name. If necessary, you can change it.

  • Video Flow Settings - If you want to allow users to edit the non-branding settings of the sales page during video flows, check the box, or to restrict users from editing non-branding settings of the sales page within video flows, uncheck the box. 

  • Visibility - Select users or groups or everyone in the organization.

  • Share with everyone in the organization - If you want to share the sales page with everyone in the organization, check the box else uncheck the box.

  • Tags - By default, all the appropriate tags will be mapped to the sales page template. If you want you can add more tags and remove the existing tags but it is mandatory to have at least one tag to save the page.

  • Fav Icon - This icon will show up on the browser. You can at any point in time, if necessary.

  • Thumbnail - The thumbnail will be automatically loaded. You can change it if you want.

Note:  The recommended thumbnail dimension for the entire page is 320*180. However, depending on the device, this may or may not work.
  1. Click on ‘Save and Next’.

  1. You shall be redirected to the Sales Page Templates preview page.

Note: The Preview Page button at the top right of the preview lets you see the sales page template preview and click on the respective icons below the preview to clonedelete, or edit the sales page template, if necessary. 
  1. Your sales page template is now ready to be used while sharing the video with your prospects.

Example: If the end-user clicks the CTA, the below form will be populated. 

Once the form is filled and submitted by the end-user, an email notification will be sent as shown below.

To check out other topics related to sales page templates.

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