Email is here to stay and will last forever. An average person sends 6-15 emails per day. But, here comes a few challenges:

Being able to relate to your recipient's needs, reaching out to them in the best ways, crafting a good email, and at the same time making sure your recipients don’t find your emails boring.

If you are in search of the best practices and ways to flourish your email open rates and engagement, there is no other medium that conveys information better than videos. Videos are engaging and good at capturing viewer attention. Also, including video in an email can lead to a 6% increase in open rates.

This is a good enough reason to kickstart learning a few best ways to include video in your next email campaigns. Read on for some of the best tips and practices to drive outstanding results.


‘The Subject Line’

The first crucial part of an email is the subject line. Recipients straight away judge your emails based on the subject line. If it’s compelling enough and you have something in your email that’ll benefit them, no one can stop them from opening your email.

Turn your subject line compelling by including the word video along with their first name


Why Video? 

As time is precious, we would rather prefer to watch a quick video than read long, drawn-out 500 word paragraphs. A video can be easier to consume and provide information to the viewer through more aesthetic ways while improving user interaction.


Why the first name?

Emails with the recipient's name tend to catch attention faster compared to the ones that don’t have the first name in the subject line.

So, first name + video, in your subject line = increased email open rates.



<firstname>, I made this video for you!

A quick video message from me, <firstname>

A personalized video invite just for you, <firstname>

<firstname>, welcome onboard (Video)


‘The Email Body’

While composing an email, it is essential to crafting it in such a way that it successfully reaches your recipients. A video can help you connect with your recipients and make complicated topics easier to understand. 

With Hippo Video, you can also personalize your videos at scale to connect with Your Audience and Drives Sales.

Whenever you include a video, divide your email objective into two parts. So that you cover the first part in the email content and the rest in your video. Keep your content as short and straightforward as possible. And, make sure your email content inspire your recipients to watch the video.

Tip: Add an eye-catching thumbnail to your video, you can play around with a personalized image or GIF thumbnails.




Now that you’re familiar with the best practices for using video in an email, get started right away and launch your video email campaign. 

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