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Enable Siri shortcuts for Hippo Video app inside the iOS app

Siri shortcuts are highly beneficial for anyone who might need to create videos on-the-go without having to spend too much time navigating the app or typing commands. It help the users to perform certain actions of an app by invoking voice commands without in need to open the app. We’ve enabled Siri shortcuts for the following features:

  • Record a video using camera

  • Record a screen

  • Record a video using Teleprompter

  • Record a video using Video Flows

  • Import a video from iPhone/iPad

To enable Siri shortcuts for the HV app features to use inside the iOS app:

  1. Open the Hippo Video app on your device and click on Sign In.

  2. Click on the Profile icon at the bottom of your screen. 

  1. The Profile Settings screen will appear. Click on the Settings button.

  1. In the Settings screen, you’ll find the list of available Siri shortcuts. Click on Add to Siri button near the feature. For example, ‘Create Video’.

  1. You’ll be prompted with the suggested phrase for ‘Create Video’ shortcut is ‘Hey Siri, Create Video Using Camera’.

  2. If you want to change the command then click on the Change Voice Phrase.

  1. Change the phrase based on your choice and click Done.

  1. Now, you’ve successfully enabled the Siri shortcut for the ‘Create Video’ feature. You’ll find the button name changed to ‘Added to Siri’ near the respective feature. 

  1. Likewise, you can add and enable the Siri shortcuts for other features, as well.

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