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Get contacts inside Contacts tab

The Contacts tab inside Hippo Video lets you capture contacts who have engaged with the video sent. The contacts are captured through various channels wherever they have experienced your video. Once they're captured in the contacts list, you can quickly get a 360 degree perspective of your contacts inside the Contacts tab. Using the Filters option, you can also combine various assets such as Sales Page Templates, Campaigns, Videos, Documents, Testimonials, Events, and Time, to view the details accordingly.

To get contacts inside the contacts tab:

  1. Log-in to  Hippo Video with your existing credentials.

  2. Hover the mouse over the Insights 360  icon from the left navigation bar and then click on the Contacts tab. Here, you’ll find the list of contacts.

  1. When you click on the action below the Recent Activity column, you’ll be able to see all information about  the activities of the contact with your video (listing will be reflected based on the recent action).

Note: The recent activity includes the details of video opened, watch percentage, CTA clicks, etc.
  1. The People drop-down at the top left displays All People by default. 

  2. The Select All checkbox at the top left lets you delete all the contacts.

  3. The Search field allows you to search for the specific contact.

  4. The Add People button at the top right lets you add contacts. 

    1. Click the Add People button.

    2. Fill in the details and click Create button.

  1. The new contact will get added and you’ll be prompted with the message Prospect added successfully at the top.

  1. The Import drop-down list lets you import contacts from various sources such as Import from CSV (local drive), Zapier integration, and Add from Google Contacts.

    To import from CSV:

    1. Click the Import from CSV link.

    2. Before uploading, kindly ensure that the contact details in your file are in an acceptable format (Supported file formats - XLS, XLSX & CSV). 

    3. Download the Sample file from the bottom right corner of the import contacts window and modify your file if necessary.

    4. You can now either Drag & Drop your file or Choose a file from your local drive.

    5. Once the selected contacts are imported, the Import Contacts dialog will appear.

  1. Now, map the fields from your sheet to the fields in Hippo Video and click Submit.

  2. You will see your contacts listed under All Prospects screen and a notification at the top as Prospects has been imported successfully. 

To import from google contacts:

  1. Click Add from Google Contacts link.

  2. Choose the google account to import contacts from.

  3. You will now see all your contacts associated with the selected google account listed. Select the contacts you want to import and then click Add.

  4. You will see your contacts get added under All Prospects, and a notification at the top as Prospects added successfully.

    9. You can use the date range buttons, to view the contacts report for a given time period 
        i.e. Last 7 daysLast 30 days, and Last 90 days (at the top right corner).

  1. You can also use the Filters to customize and quickly get a 360 degree perspective of your contacts by applying multiple options such as the ones below for a comprehensive report. 

To learn more about filters usage.

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