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Edit your video script with our AI Editor

Do you want to record videos with more confidence? Here is the solution: With Hippo Video’s AI Editor, you can add titles, lower thirds, interludes, transitions, and end cards to your videos, helping you create a professional video in minutes. Also, with AI Editor, you can edit the script for all the new, imported, and existing videos. 

Note: Currently, this functionality is available as a Beta version.

To edit a video script for a new video:

  1. Log in to  Hippo Video with your existing credentials.

  2. Click the + Create button from the top right > Camera Only.

  3. Now, you can start recording. To do so, click the red circle button.

  4. After you’ve completed the recording, click the red square button.

  5. You’ll be redirected to the video preview page.

  6. Click the Edit & Personalize button below the video preview and select AI Editor to edit your script.

Note: The AI Editor option will be available only if the video has audio.
  1. The Video AI editor screen will appear with various options, such as:

    1. - Title (video title)

    2. 2 - Lower third (name)

    3. 3 - Audio script will be displayed

    4. 4 - End card (thank you note)

  1. Click on the text box and remove the existing title if you wish to change it.

  1. As shown in the example below, enter 'Welcome to Hippo Video' as your new video title. To save the title, click anywhere outside of the box.

  1. The lower third text (adding your name with designation) automatically updates based on your profile settings.

  1. If you want to change it, click the lower third text box and remove the existing name.

  1. Now, modify it as shown in the below example.

  1. To save the lower third, click anywhere outside of the box.

  1. To add additional text apart from the audio, press the Enter key where you want to add then enter the text which will be shown as Interlude.

  2. You can either enter your message or leave it blank to have some animations generated automatically.

Note: The additional text will appear in the video, but there will be no voice-over (audio).
  1. Now, click anywhere outside the box.

  1. Optional - If you want to have some animations in between the video, then after pressing the Enter key, leave it blank.

Note: If you attempt to enter after the last word, a message will appear with the text box saying, 'Can't add here.'
  1. To add an endnote, click the End card text box.

  1. Remove the existing text and enter your new endnote.

  1. Click anywhere outside the box.

Note: Depending on the size of the video, previewing and saving may take a while.
  1. Preview (at the top right) - Click to preview your video after editing the script.

  1. Once you’ve done this, click Save at the top right. Please note that previewing and saving may take a while which is depends on the size of the video.

Note: You can cancel the changes by clicking on Cancel at the top right. However, you can edit the script at any time by clicking on the AI Editor below the video preview.
  1. Let's look at how each option you’ve created will appear in the video,

Title Card

Lower third


End card

Now your video is ready with the script, and it’s time to spark it and make it!

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