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Create videos using the teleprompter inside the iOS app

To create videos using the Teleprompter feature inside the iOS app:

  1. Open the Hippo Video app on your device and click on Sign In.

  2. Click on the Teleprompter tab

  1. To record a video, slide on the script and then click on Record.

  2. To delete a video, click on the Delete button.
  3. You will notice various features below your screen such as enabling auto stop for scripts, text format, enabling pause during silence, and set reference noise level.
  1. Auto-stop when the script ends - Click on the icon (default option) and then check the box, to stop the recording automatically when the script ends.

  1. Text format - Click on the T icon and then set the slider position by scrolling near the Font Size, to increase or decrease the text size; Text Area, to adjust the size of the text box; Text Position, to align the text box to the left or center or right.


  1. Script Properties - Click on the icon and then set the slider position by scrolling near the Speed, to speed up or slow down the scroll rate; Pause on silence, enable to pause the script when there is silenceto ensure Pause On Silence works seamlessly, set the Reference Noise Level to ‘noisy’ when filming in a noisy setting, or ‘silent’ when filming in a quiet setting so that the app stops scrolling when there is too much noise or absolute silence

  1. Once you’re set, click on the Record button, to start recording.


  • To pause the recording, click on the Pause icon and click on the Resume icon, to continue with the recording. 

  • Click on the Flip camera icon, to focus the recording person (switch between the front and rear-facing cameras).

  1. Click on the Stop icon, to finish recording.

  2. To add a new script, click on Add Script at the bottom of your screen.

  1. Enter the title & script and then click  Save at the top right of your screen. 

  2. Your new script will be added to the list.

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