Let your users categorize their videos, within your app, with the categories API. Displaying video categories helps your users to find their organized videos quickly.


GET /api/v1/me/video/categories


email - email of the user

api_key - Api Key of the user (get your Api Key)



    "code": 200,

    "categories": [


            "id": 116,

            "name": "1to1Videos",

            "created_by": "Richard",

            "created_at": "Nov 30, 2018",

            "num_videos": 7



            "id": 10,

            "name": "Others",

            "created_by": "Sam",

            "created_at": "Jan 24, 2018",

            "num_videos": 112





id - Category ID

name - Category name

created_by - Name of the user that has created the category

created_at - Category creation date

num_videos - Number of videos available in the category


The above responses are success cases. In case, any errors occur you’ll see an error response.