1. Pardot Account

  2. Hippo Video Account: Sign-up here if you are first time user

  3. Pardot user API key is required to integrate Pardot with Hippo Video.

  1. Login to Pardot using your existing credentials.

  2. Click on ‘Admin’ under the Pardot menu on the left and then click on ‘User Management’ followed by ‘Users’.

  1. Click and select your user account from the list displayed. 

  2. Select and copy the user key under ‘API user key’. 

  1. Navigate to a new tab and login to your Hippo Video account and click on ‘Integrations’ under Sales. 

  2. Scroll down to locate Pardot and click on the ‘Integrate’ button.

  3. Enter your Pardot credentials along with the user key in the pop-up box and click on ‘Submit’.

  4. You will notice the button being updated as ‘Manage’.