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Why does Webcam not work in certain websites

There are multiple reasons why your webcam doesn't show up on certain websites while recording.

The Hippo Video webcam functionality might be optimized for certain websites and might not work as expected on others. Modern websites might have security settings that restrict webcam access.

To address this issue, make sure your browser is up to date and that you have granted the browser the necessary permissions.

Browser Permissions:

Ensure that your browser has the necessary permissions to access your webcam. Some websites require explicit permission to access your webcam, and if you haven't granted permission, the webcam may not show up. Review your browser settings and ensure that webcam access is allowed for the specific websites where you're experiencing the issue.

Updated Browser: 

Make sure you are using an updated version of your web browser. Outdated browsers may have compatibility issues with certain websites or features, including webcam usage. Update your browser to the latest version and try again.

However, in some cases, when you are switching between tabs in the browser while recording, there is a possibility that the webcam might fall behind or that certain websites might have a limitation that will not allow the webcam to work. In such cases, the webcam footage will not be recorded. 

Solution 1:

When you select the “Circular Webcam” in the extension, it might not work on certain websites. An effective alternative to this is to change the webcam shape to “Rectangular” in the extension’s advanced settings before initiating the recording. 

Please note that while using the rectangular webcam for recording, the webcam preview might not be visible during the recording. However, be rest assured that the webcam footage will be seamlessly integrated into the final video output. 

Solution 2:

If you’d like to optimize your webcam visibility without encountering the limitations of Solution 1, we suggest you use Hippo Video’s Desktop app. The desktop app will prevent webcam preview invisibility from happening while recording.

Download the desktop app from the profile icon at the bottom left. This link will help you download and install the Hippo Video Windows or Mac Desktop app.

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