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Configure OneLogin SCIM

This doc will help you quickly walk through the steps to create an SCIM app with OneLogin to facilitate automatic de=provsioning of licenses. 


  • To activate de=provisioning you need a Hippo Video Enterprise plan

  • Admin users of Hippo Video and OneLogin will have access to set up SCIM app.
    Note: Before starting with the configuration, ensure your SSO Configuration page is kept open inside Hippo Video.

1. Fetch the SCIM URL from Hippo Video:

  1. Login to Hippo Video using existing credentials.

  2. Click on the Settings icon from the left navigation bar and then click on SSO Configuration card.

     3. Ensure the Enable de-provisioning checkbox is turned on. 

     4. Copy the SCIM URL highlighted in the below image and keep it ready. 

2. Create SCIM App in OneLogin

  1. Login to OneLogin

  2. From the main menu, select Applications > choose "Add App.

  3. Select “SCIM Provisioner with SAML (SCIM v2)” and select “Save.

3. Configure SCIM App

  • On the app, select the “Configuration” tab.

  • In the “SCIM Base Url”, enter the URL copied in section 1.

  • In the “SCIM Bearer Token,” enter the bearer token shared with you. Please reach out to to get the token. 

  • In the “API Status,” select “Enable."

  • Select “Save"/

4. Configure Provisioning

  • Select  the “Provisioning tab.”

  • Check “Enable Provisioning.”

  • Under the “Require admin approval before this action” section, uncheck the “Create,” “Delete,” and “Update” checkboxes to have OneLogin provision new users and update users to the SCIM app without requiring administrative approval.

  • Select “Save"

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach us at


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