With Google Classroom, you can join your class in three different ways:

  • Class link

  • Class code 

  • Email invite

To join the class with a link:  

  1. Open your email account.

  2. Click the class link shared by your teacher.

  3. Select the account you use for the classroom.
    Note: If you need to switch accounts, click Switch accounts before you try to join

  1. Click Join.

To join the class with a class code:  

  1. Go to Google Classroom and login using your existing credentials.

  1. Click on the Plus icon at the top right and then select Join Class from the pop-up.

  1. Paste it below Class Code and then click on Join at the top right. You’ve successfully joined the classroom.

To join the class with an email invite:  

  1. Open the class card and click Join.

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