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Embed a video inside Freshsales Suite Landing Page

Freshsales Suite landing page:
The Freshsales Suite landing page allows you to quickly embed videos directly in a landing page. Here, you can create your landing pages using the drag-and-drop builder with the pre-designed templates; embed videos and publish pages instantly.


  • Hippo Video Account. Sign-up here if you are a new user. 

  • Hippo Video Chrome extension. Click on this link to install.

  • Hippo Video + Freshsales Suite integration. Click on this link on how to integrate.

Step 1 - To copy the code from HV: 

  1. Click on the Library icon from the left nav bar and select Videos and Documents.

  2. Open the video you wish to insert inside Freshsales Suite and click on the Share/Embed icon at the right of the video preview.

  1. Below the Embed section, select the Inline Embed from the drop-down.

  1. By default, the Video size is set as 720. You can choose Custom Size to make your video fit within the frame size.

  1. Once you set it, click on Copy Code.

Step 2 - To create a landing page: 

  1. Login to your Freshsales Suite account.

  2. Click on the Landing Page icon from the left panel.

  1. Click on the Create Landing Page button from the top right. 

  2. Name your landing page.

  3. Then, click on Add Section and select the template category from the choose template drop-down.

  4. Hover the mouse over the template then click on Add Section.

  1. The Elements slider will appear.

  1. Drag and Drop the Code component and place it on the left. 

  2. Click on the Code Snippet and you’ll find the HTML editor window on the right where the HTML code containing the video needs to be added.

  1. Paste the embed code inside the HTML editor window on the right. 

Note: You can test the embedded code i.e. the video, only after publishing it.

  1. Click on the Publish button from the top right.

  1. Click Publish Now. You’ll find the landing page link at the bottom right.

  1. Click on the link and you can see will notice that the video gets pasted on the landing page.

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