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View all reports for all assets shared in the 'Shares & Tracking' tab at once

With Shares & Tracking, you can get a 360-degree view of all your shared assets. You can get detailed insights such as opens, views, plays, replies, medium of sharing, and more. It's even better that you can also share with more recipients from this page.

Impact Areas (Context name fields):

FeaturesWhere can u find it?
Video Preview Page (Copy Link)Copying the link along with the “Name” and “Email” will lead to another input box with the context name pre-filled.
Video Preview Page (Send Mail)In the “Send Mail” tab,  the Context Name will appear above the Subject.
Video Preview Page (Embed)It will appear in the Email Campaign Embed tab
Video FlowsInside all the video flows
CampaignsInside campaigns flow
Dynamic & Deep Integration

Added as a merge field along with “Name” and “Email”.

Contacts Tab

Each contact would have a list of all context shared with them.

To navigate to the Shares & Tracking tab: 

  1. Log-in to  Hippo Video with your existing credentials.

  2. Hover the mouse over the Insights 360 icon in the left nav bar and click on the Shares & Tracking tab.

Note: In some cases, Context Details are tagged as Draft under the Context Details column. This indicates that you haven't shared a video yet. The draft status will be removed automatically if you share at least one video. 
  1. Below the Shares & Tracking tab, the details will appear with a few key metrics. 

Key metrics


Context Details

Displays the context details such as video name, sales page name, video flow name, campaign name, etc. If the sales page template is not available, it will be shown as “Unknown.”


Anonymous (1) recipients: The “Name” or “Email” of the recipient with whom the link is shared.

Known (multiple) recipients: When you share the link with multiple recipients, we display the first-person detail and indicate the number of people with whom the link is shared.

Anonymous (1 or more) Recipients: If the recipient is unknown, i.e., the user didn’t give details on whom they were sharing with, then the value would be displayed as "Anonymous."

Known and Anonymous recipients: If the link is shared with more people (known or anonymous recipients), we show the first-person detail and how many times it has been shared.

Last Activity On

The last activity was performed against the context by any of the recipients.

Unique Opens

Total number of unique viewers who had opened the email (thumbnail loads).

Unique Views

Total number of unique viewers who had viewed the video. 

Unique Plays

Total number of unique viewers who had played the video. 

Total Replies

Total number of recipients who responded via video or email (2 responses from the same recipient are considered 2).

Medium of Share

Medium(s) through which links have been shared with recipients. A context can have multiple mediums. We will show a max of 2 mediums that have more shares by default and give a number indication for the others. 

*Please keep in mind that each video in a context can be shared multiple times via other mediums, which may result in more mediums of sharing.*

  • Sort By (at the top right) - The details are displayed based on the Context Created i.e. based on the video created) by default. Alternatively, you can view the data based on the Last Activity Date, i.e., based on the recently created videos (at the top right).

  • Filters (at the top right) - You can now track the activities of your prospects with each action using filters (multiple selections are applicable). Choose the appropriate filters and click “Apply.” The data will be fetched accordingly.

    • Context Name - Lists all the context names.

    • Last Activity On - Lists the date range as Last 7 days, Last 30 days, Last 90 days, Last 180 days, and Custom time.

    • Medium Of Share - Lists all the mediums of sharing such as Copy Link, Send Mail, and Share/Embed Code.

    • Pages Viewed - Lists all the viewed sales pages.

    • Video Watched - Lists all the played videos.

    • Replies - Lists all the replies made against the videos.

Note: The Reset option at the top right lets you reset the filter option if needed. 
  1. Here's a closer look at the populated data: 

Top section: 

Below you will find a table that details the specific “Shares” data:

Key metrics


Context Name (top left)

The context would be auto-populated. It is editable at any point in time. 

Edit Sales Page Template

If you want to edit the sales page elements before sharing, then click on the Edit Sales Page Template button at the top right. You’ll be prompted with a warning message. Please double-check it before proceeding. 

Shared with

This Displays the total count of the recipients to whom the videos shared with. You can also view the recipient activities using the filters at the top right.

Last Shared By

This displays the timestamp of when the last share happened in this context. It would be empty if there was no activity.

Template Used

Video Flow Used: Displays the name of the video flow used in this context. If there is no flow used then the hyphen “-” will be shown.

Sales Page Template: Displays the name of the sales page template used in this context. If the context does not have a sales page then the hyphen “-” will be shown. 

Activity Summary

Opened: The total number of times users have opened videos.

Viewed: The total number of times users have viewed videos.

Played: The total number of times users have played videos.

Replied: The total number of times users have replied to the videos.

Bottom section: The bottom section will have sub-tabs such as VideosOverall InsightsActivity, and Page Analytics.

Below you will find a table that details the specific “Shares” data:

Videos tab:

Key metrics



  • All the videos created from the video flows and other scenarios will be listed here.

  • It can either be a single video or multiple videos. 

  • This will also include the option to create a new video using the same video flow that was previously used. 


Shows video thumbnails.

Video Name

Shows the 
video name.

Prospect Email & Name

Shows the prospect's email and who it was shared with. 


Shows the total number of times the video is being shared using any form of medium. It could be a copy link, a send mail, an share/embed code, or an integration. 


Displays the medium links for sharing the video. You can also preview the video before sharing it. 

Record Video

Allows you to record a new video with the same video flow and share it with the prospects.

Overall Insights tab: This section will provide insights into the number of videos shared through different mediums.

  • For each medium, you’ll be able to see the number of recipients who opened the email or loaded the thumbnail, visited the page, played the video, and replied with a video or replied with an email for a video email sent in graphical representation. 

  • You’ll see both unique and total values for each of the metrics. 

Activity tab: Displays the activities made by your prospects with respect to the videos sent, such as:

The below table describes the activities and their detailed explanation:


Thumbnail Opened

Prospects open the thumbnail.

Video Watched with Percentage
The watch percentage of your video.
Sales Page Opened
Prospects open a sales page template.
Time Spent on Sales Page
The amount of time your prospect spent on the sales page template.
Sales Page related CTA clicks
Prospects click on any of the links on the sales page templates.

Page Analytics tab: You can monitor to ensure that your shared sales pages (with your prospects) perform well.  With Hippo Video, apart from the convenience of recording and sending videos, you get access to all the sales page insights. This report will show you the key performance indicators for the sales page. Additionally, you can also measure the performance and identify which CTAs are receiving the most clicks (links, buttons, videos, and documents). It gives you insight into how to optimize your sales page for more conversions. For more detail about sales page analytics, click here.

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