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Sign-up API

Do you want your users to benefit from videos? Provide a seamless video recording experience to your users by just creating an account with Hippo Video. You can create your user’s account automatically from your app.

To call the sign-up API you’ll need the client ID and client secret key, please contact us to get the details.

Once you have the required client ID and client secret key, you can call the sign-up API to create your user’s account. 

All you now need to create a user account with Hippo Video are - user’s email id and password (optional).

As soon as an account is created, your user will get an email with the sign-up details and an option to set the password (if the password isn’t passed to the API).



HTTP Cache Headers

Accept - application/json




email - email of the user

password - password of the user (optional)



    "code": 200,

    "authentication_token": "j2CubKoXsKF5jChJbuvm",

    "api_key": "ydTvtiAsBp3CST7ct1Hwjwtt"


authentication_token - authentication token of the user

api_key - API Key of the user

The above responses are success cases. In case, any errors occur you’ll see an error response.

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