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Chromium Bug impacting Screen Share function and the work around

We have recently identified a bug in the latest Chrome browser version 115, which was released this month. This bug is impacting the screen share functionality on Airmeet and several other audio/video platforms, specifically for Windows 10 users.

What’s the issue:

Once a user chooses the "Entire Screen" alternative while sharing their screen and presents an inactive page with content that remains unchanged for around 10-20 seconds, the screen sharing function halts. This results in remote users seeing a loader or a blank screen. The issue is automatically resolved once the user moves their mouse cursor. For more detailed technical information, please click on the link.

It's essential to note that this problem does not occur when users choose the "Chrome Tab'' or  "Window" option for screen sharing. Additionally, the issue is not present when sharing dynamic content, such as videos or slideshows.

Recommended Actions: While our technical team is actively working to find a solution, we recommend the following actions for seamless continuity:

1. Opt for "Chrome Tab" or "Window" Share: Instead of selecting the "Entire Screen" option for screen sharing, we suggest opting for the specific "Chrome Tab" or "Window" option. This alternative should mitigate the pausing issue.

2. Keep Mouse Cursor in Motion: To prevent the screen share from pausing, we advise users to keep their mouse cursor in motion approximately every 8-10 seconds during the screen sharing session.

Potential Workarounds: In the meantime, if you encounter difficulties, you might consider the following workarounds:

1. Use a Different Chrome Version: This issue is specific to Chrome version 115. You may try using a different version of Chrome, as this problem is not present in other releases. Chrome has fixed this issue in version 116, which is scheduled to be released on August 9th.

2. Consider Alternate Browsers or Operating Systems: To avoid encountering the pausing problem altogether, consider using a different browser like Firefox or use a device running a non-Windows operating system (MacOS, ChromeOS, or Linux).

For further assistance, reach out to our Support team.

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