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Humanize AI

is Humanize?


The user only needs to record one original video and then humanize it. By typing text into the field, a new humanized video with lip sync will be automatically generated, making the video look like a personalized video made especially for the specific prospect!


“You must do something new, refreshing, and different to stand out.”

  • It's more complicated than ever for marketers and salespeople to stand out, keep audiences engaged, and build exceptional connections. However, by treating each prospect and customer like an individual, creating and sending a personalized video message is the perfect way to capture the prospect's attention and engage with the prospects.

  • Your Videos’ quality and consistency are still crucial considerations. Furthermore, the personal connection will distinguish your video from the millions of others and keep people coming back.

 does Humanize help the user?

  • Make personalized videos quickly and easily by auto-generating them in bulk, there increase productivity and save time.

  • "Personalized" is not simply adding someone's name to a video title. You speak directly to a particular person one-to-one with a message tailored just for the specific prospect.

  • It improves response rates and allows for more effective engagement with qualified prospects.

  • It also aids in the development of better relationships with prospects, distinguishing oneself from competing salespeople/marketers and increasing prospects' trust.

  • The work requires fewer resources.

  • An improved engagement rate compared to text emails.

are the prerequisites for recording:

  • The video format must be mp4, with a minimum video quality of 1080 pixels or greater.

  • Record from a decent distance - not too close, not too far - and make sure the area is well-lit.

  • Avoid having any shadows on your face.

  • We recommend you record using the same microphone and environment as used in the training video to avoid audio differences.

  • While recording, make sure there are no motions in the backdrop. Recording against a simple wall or in an empty room is recommended.

  • Talk at a medium tempo, with pauses as needed.

  • Take care with your pitch and intonation since the output videos will have the same tone. Please keep a tone that you are comfortable with.

  • Maintain modest hand and head motions.

  • We currently support the English language.

happens if you show interest in the Beta Program?

Phase I - AI Training 

  1. To train the AI, we would need a 20-minute webcam recording of yourself using your own script. Send the video to

  2. Kindly ensure to use business language & vocabulary that you might normally use while communicating for professional purposes. Please avoid reading from books or any other non-business content.

  3. Please see the video below for some tips on how to record your video,

  4. If the training is unsuccessful, you might have to record another video.

  5. It will take a maximum of 1 week to train the AI.

Phase II- Campaign Launch 

  1. Once the AI training is complete, you can send us the video to be humanized and the personalization values in an excel sheet.

  2. Record the video according to the prerequisites mentioned above. Start the video with a pause and say "Hey Aspiration". 


<Leave a 5-sec pause> Hey Aspiration <while saying it wave your hand and make slight head movements> <Leave a 1-sec pause>,

<Insert your script of any length>

  1. We will be able to personalize only up to 10 seconds of your video at this point.

  2. The humanized video will be added to your Hippo Video account.

  3. Voila! You can now launch a campaign with the Humanized video.

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