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How to locate Hippo Video assets on your device when the uploading process encounters an error?

Here is a concise checklist that you can refer to if you encounter any problems finding your video recordings.

Prerequisite for all the device types: Please verify your internet connection status, and when it’s stable, retry. If you’re sure about your internet connection status, then go ahead and select the recording device you are using.

Hippo Video Chrome Extension:

While using Hippo Video Chrome extension, if you face any uploading issue, then it's because of the huge file size and we suggest you to try again.

Hippo Video MacOS App:

When you are using Hippo Video MacOS app, and if there is an uploading issue, then you don't have to worry. The asset gets saved on your system automatically.

[Access Route: HomeFolder ➤ Movies ➤Hippo Video  ➤ <TimeStampOfTheRecording>.mp4.]

Hippo Video Windows App:

If the video upload fails due to network connectivity in the Windows app, the asset will be saved automatically on your device. There is no need to re-record it; simply retrieve it using the access route provided below.

[Access Route: C://Users//<user_laptop_name>//HippoVideo//]

Hippo Video iOS App:

Make sure to enable the option to save your Hippo Video assets to your Camera Roll before using the iOS app. By doing so, your assets will be automatically saved on the Camera Roll when there is any uploading issue and can be retrieved easily.

[Access Route: Profile ➤ Settings ➤ "Save Videos to Camera Roll"]

Please Note: Irrespective of the device you use, if the upload fails, you don’t have to be concerned about re-recording the video from scratch. It will automatically get saved on your device, and you can resume from where you left off.

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