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Create workflows based on video events in HubSpot

Adding workflows helps you automate your sales process to make your team more efficient. You can set enrollment criteria to automatically enroll records and take actions on your contacts, companies, deals, quotes, and tickets. 


  • Hippo Video + HubSpot Integration

To create a workflow from HubSpot for sales: 

  1. Log-in to HubSpot using your existing credentials.

  2. Click on the Automations tab from the top menu and select Workflows.

  1. Click on the Create workflow drop down from the top right and choose whether you want to start your workflow from scratch (to begin with a blank workflow) or from template (to start with a default set of enrollment triggers and actions).

  1. Select the Workflow Type as Contact-based from the left panel and click Next at the top right.

  1. Click on the Pen icon at the top to name your workflow and add the appropriate description. 

  1. Here, enter your workflow name and description. Once you’re done, click Save.

To set up enrollment criteria:

  1. Click on Set up triggers

  1. Pick any trigger from the options listed. You can add multiple enrollment triggers based on your use-case.

  2. Scroll down the range of filters on the right. 

  3. Here is an example, Hippo Video for Sales: Video Watched has been selected as the enrollment trigger.

  1. Further select video name from the options displayed.

  1. Select ‘is equal to any of’ option, enter the value, and click Apply Filter. Now, the criteria are set.

  1. In a similar way, you can create multiple criteria by clicking AND or OR.

To test the workflow:

  1. Click Test Criteria at the top right.

  1. Select the contact from the list displayed below and click Test Contact.

  1. You’ll see a green tick mark if the chosen contact meets the condition and will be enrolled in your workflow.

  2. Once you’ve set all your trigger criteria, click Save.

To add workflow actions:

  1. Click the Plus icon and choose an action.

  1. As an example,  Send Email has been selected

  1. Choose an email and click Save.

To set up the contact inside Hippo Video: 

  1. Click the Plus icon and select Hippo Video - Add Contact.

  1. Select a contact and click on Save

  1. Now you are all set.

  1. After setting up your workflow, click on Review and Publish at the top right. 

  2. Finally, click Turn On to bring your workflow to life.

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