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Generate or upload subtitles to your video

You’ve crafted a great video and done everything you can to make it look the best. You’ve shared and promoted it across social media too. But, the results fall short and aren't matching your expectations with the views and engagement.

While excellent video content is eternally the first level, the crucial next stage you’ve missed is captioning. People who watch your videos can be from any corner of the world. And, they might find it difficult to understand your speech. If they don’t understand your audio, you’ll lose them.

So, caption your videos and let your viewers enjoy your content.

To generate or upload subtitles to your video:

  1. Login to Hippo Video using your existing credentials.

  2. Click on the Library icon from the left navbar and then click on Videos and Documents All Assets.

  1. Then, select a video you’d want to add subtitles to.

  2. Below the video preview, click Video Settings tab > Subtitles option from the left panel.

  1. You can either generate subtitles or upload subtitles. By default, Generate Subtitles option will be enabled. 

  1. To generate a subtitle, click on Start button at the bottom.

Note: Currently, we support only US English.
  1. Click on Generate Subtitles.

  1. The process may take some time. You’ll be prompted with the below message. If you want us to notify you once the process is done, click Notify Me

  1. Again, you’ll be prompted with the message as ‘You’ll be notified once subtitles are generated’. 

  2. Once generated, you’ll be notified via chrome extension. 

Note: You’ll be notified only if the Hippo Video chrome extension is installed.
  1. And, the following options will be enabled:


  1. Toggle On/Off to make the subtitles to visible/invisible.

  2. Generated subtitles can be downloaded only in two formats.

  3. Helps to remove the subtitle.

  4. Helps to regenerate the subtitle.

  1. If you want to upload subtitles, then click on the Toggle button to enable upload subtitles.

  1. Click on Upload button at the bottom.

  1. Select the file and click Upload. The selected file will be uploaded.

  2. Then, check out the 11th step to complete the process. 

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