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Bulk video personalization and tracking API

Customers today are falling in love with videos. Do you incorporate videos in your email campaigns?

Well, if you are, you might want to track your video as well as your viewers efficiently. Hippo Video introduces bulk video personalization and tracking API to help you produce personalized videos and track each viewer in no time.


If you want to personalize your video, 

  1. Log in to your Hippo Video account and select the video that you want to send to your users when they take action.

  2. Now to personalize your video, go to Edit & Personalize button → Quick Edit.

  3. Click on the (Text) option and add the required merge fields to your video as shown.

  1. Once you’ve made significant changes to your video, click the ‘SAVE’ button to apply the changes.

  2. You can also personalize your video thumbnail with ‘CUSTOMIZE VIDEO’ option, by adding merge fields wherever required.

Once you have added merge fields, call the API mentioned below.

HTTP Cache Header

Content-Type: application/json


email - email of the user

api_key - Api key of the user

video_id - ID of the video

file - Excel file with customer data

Note: We support csv, xls, and xlsx file formats.



    code: 200, 

    msg: ‘File with personalized track id will be shared to your mail’


Once you have passed the input params, you will get a file with personalized email tracking ID unique to each customer/user.

Copy the share URL of the video from your Hippo Video account and append the unique tracking ID at the end of the share URL. For example, if your share URL is ‘’ and one of the unique tracking IDs is ‘nqzqsjaq8J33EHnPZ7HFKw.’

Your video URL with tracking ID looks like this: ‘

The above responses are success cases. In case, any errors occur you’ll see an error response.

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