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How to fix a broken GIF

Sometimes, when you create a GIF from a video and share that GIF via email, the thumbnail may appear broken, as shown in the screenshot below.

This situation occurs due to a limitation in Gmail. Gmail has a specific timeframe within which the thumbnail must load/render. If the thumbnail fails to load within this timeframe, it will appear broken.

Initially, the thumbnail may fail to load within the timeframe due to the size of the GIF. If the created GIF exceeds the size limit of 15MB, this issue may occur.

Steps to fix the broken GIF:

1. Reduce GIF Size: We recommend keeping the size of the GIF below 15MB. This ensures that the thumbnail will load within Gmail's designated timeframe.

2. Adjust the GIF Resolution: The size of the thumbnail depends on its length (maximum duration: 1 minute) and resolution. If you're creating a 30-second GIF and it exceeds 15MB, consider reducing the resolution of the thumbnail from 1080p to 480p. This reduction in resolution will decrease the size of the GIF drastically.

3. Adjust FPS: Consider adjusting the frame rate of the video, we would suggest keeping the frame rate to 10 fps as it is optimal and does not affect the size of the video.

4. Check the size of the generated GIF: You can check the size of the GIF by clicking on the download button and verify if it is below 15 MB before sharing it.

Note: You can also consider compressing the GIF file using third-party GIF compressors available online to reduce the size of the GIF before sharing it via Gmail.

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