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Associate videos to folder(s)

Hippo Video lets you associate one or more videos from your existing folder to another folder. This feature makes it easy to share videos with your team.

Note: Associating videos from one folder to another folder function as a link, so deleting a video from one folder will delete it from all others as well.

To associate videos to folder(s):

  1. Log-in to  Hippo Video with your existing credentials.

  2. Click on the Assets icon from the left navigation bar > All Assets.

  3. Open the appropriate folder and select the videos you wish to associate. 

  4. When you hover the mouse over the videos, you will see the option (tick icon) to select a video at the top right corner of the video thumbnail.

  1. Now, select the specific video or multiple videos by clicking on the tick icon or check box, to select all at once.

Note: The green check on the top right of your video thumbnail indicates the selection.
  1. You’ll have the option to select the category at the top. 

  2. Click on Click to choose category next to Associate to folder.

  1. Select the category.

Note: You can select multiple categories.
  1. In case you wish to remove the category, click the Close icon.

  2. Once you’ve selected it, click on Save.

  1. The selected videos will be associated to a specific category. 

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