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How to setup automated cadence with Humanized and Personalized videos in HubSpot

This help article explains step-by-step instructions on how to set up a personalized automated cadence with videos (produced using Hippo Video) in HubSpot. Following these steps, you can easily create a personalized automated cadence with videos and track your prospects' engagement.

Reason for creating such a process:
By default, Hubspot retains the contact details and merge field values provided during enrollment. Despite updating the contact details, the merge field values cannot be changed. To address this behavior, here’s a solution that will help you leverage Hubspot’s automated cadences and dynamically deliver personalized videos to your contacts.

This process can be broken down into two workflows:

  • Workflow 1: Set up criteria inside the HubSpot Workflow to trigger pre-processing of videos

  • Workflow 2:  Enroll contacts in Hubspot sequence(s) 

Prerequisite to get the process started:

Install the Hippo Video application

Install the Hippo Video application in HubSpot. Click here to install (check out this article on how to install).

Get your original video ready

Hippo Video offers a range of personalization solutions to create an engaging video experience. Here are a few of them:

  • Videos with customized backgrounds (using the recipient’s website or LinkedIn profile)

  • Videos with Humanize personalization*

  • Videos with perspective transformation

* Note: Right now, Hippo Video offers Humanize just as a service. So, if you wish to use Humanize personalization in your video content, then our support team can help you do it on a request basis.

Preparation of Contacts

Set the merge field data in HubSpot contacts. These can be a first name, a text field, a LinkedIn or website URL, or any field that depends on the video selected.

Workflow 1: Set up criteria inside the HubSpot Workflow

This workflow informs Hippo Videos that the contact(s) is/are ready for pre-generating video(s). Post this Hippo Video processes the video and updates the video of every contact with the defined merge field. Here are the steps to get started with this:

  1. Log-in to HubSpot using your credentials.

  2. Click on the Automations tab from the top menu and select Workflows.

  1. Click on the Create workflow drop down from the top right and choose whether you want to start your workflow either From scratch (to begin with a blank workflow) or From template (to start with a workflow having a defined set of enrollment triggers and actions).

  1. Select the Workflow Type as Contact-based from the left panel and click Next at the top right.

  1. Click on the Pen icon at the top to name your workflow and add the appropriate description.

  1. Here, enter your workflow name and description. Once you’re done, click Save.

Once you’re done setting up your workflow, see the steps below to set up enrollment criteria inside HubSpot Workflow:

  1. The trigger criteria can be defined based on your preferences.

  2. Let's set the criteria and click on the Set up triggers.

  1. Select Contact properties from the Filter type

  1. Choose Contact information that is necessary for creating the video. For instance, if you’re using humanized video with the recipient's website as the virtual background, then the workflow can be triggered only if the “website URL” and the “first name” fields are known.

  1.  Select the value as ‘is known’ and click Apply Filter.

  2. Now, the criteria has been set successfully for the workflow.

Pre-processing video in Hippo Video:

Next, we’ll see how to trigger pre-processing of videos with merge fields for the contacts using Hippo Video API. This step is important because the relevant data fields should be passed to Hippo Video to pick up the right field values to process the video as expected.

  1. Click on Plus icon to choose an action.

  2. Select Create Personalized Video option. 

  1. The merge field values will get liste

  1. Click the Choose a Video drop-down. You will see all videos in your Hippo Video account that is integrated with your HubSpot account.

  2. Select the video of your choice.

To select the destination contact field(s)  to update the token of the  final video:

Note: It is mandatory to select one field to update the processed video from Hippo Video. 

  1. In the HubSpot Custom Field for Video Token drop-down list, you’ll find all the merge field values of the contacts. 

  2. Select the field where you want the final video to be updated.

Note: You need to define the number of fields based on the number of videos added to your cadence inside the HubSpot workflow. For example, if you have two different videos in the cadences, then you must define two different fields. The processed videos from Hippo Video will get updated inside the cadences based on the defined fields for the contacts inside the HubSpot workflow. 

To input the Hippo Video merge field values:

Now, you’ll find all the merge field values that are available in the chosen video. The merge fields differ based on the video selected. 

  1. Here four merge fields are displayed: EmailFirst NameScript (personalization text i.e. ‘Hi’), and Video-mf (background for the video).

  2. Select Hippo Video Merge Field as ‘Email’ merge field.

  3. Then, select which details you want to get displayed under the Hippo Video Merge Field from the Contact Property drop-down list. 

  4. Let’s select ‘Email’.

  1. Likewise, select the other Hippo Video merge field values (First Name, Script, and Video-mf) and their appropriate value to get populated.

  2. Once you’re done, click Save

  1. After setting up your workflow, click on Review and Publish at the top right. 

  2. Finally, click Turn On to bring your workflow to life.

Workflow 2:  Enroll contacts to Hubspot sequence(s)

You can create a workflow and enroll contacts in sequences based on the contact owner, depending on the number of sequences available. If the chosen contact has merge field values, the processed video will be updated according to the video asset ID within the selected Hippo Video merge field value. If all necessary data is available, the contacts will be enrolled in the sequences.

Here are a few steps to do this:

  1. You need to create the workflow and set up the trigger criteria.

  2. Click on the Plus icon. 

  1. Select Enroll in a sequence button. 

  1. Choose the Sequence, Sender, and From email address.

  1. Now click Save.

  2. If you have multiple SDRs or sequences, repeat the above steps.

  3. After setting up your workflow, click on Review and Publish at the top right. 

  4. Finally, click Turn On to bring your workflow to life.

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