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Send video emails from Outlook (web version)

Outlook with Hippo Video:

  • Record a 1:1 video message for your prospects. 

  • Share videos on a Landing page.

  • Improve your sales pitch with the help of merge fields.

  • Import videos from your local drive, and access your Hippo Video library.

  • Obtain real-time notifications every time of your video, i.e. whether your video email is opened/played, or your recipients take any other action.


  • You must have an Office 365, Exchange or account (Sign-up here) if you are a new user). 

  • Your Outlook client must support web-based add-ins if they are connected to a Microsoft Exchange server OR Office 365 using a direct connection.

  • If the users cannot locate the Hippo Video app in Outlook Add-Ins, then make sure that the app is enabled in Azure Active Directory. Check out this link to see how to enable the Hippo Video app in Azure AD.

Outlook client versions support: 


  • Outlook 2013 and 2016 for Windows (this is an installed desktop app version of Outlook). 

  • Outlook 2016 for Mac (this is an installed desktop app version of Outlook).

  • Outlook on the web for Exchange 2016 and Office 365.

  • Outlook Web Access for Exchange 2013.



  • Outlook for Windows & Desktop app - Chrome, Firefox, and Opera

To send video emails from the outlook web version:

  1. Log-in to Outlook Web Version using your credentials.

  2. On the top left corner, click on New Message.

  3. Now, click on the  ellipsis icon at the bottom of your Compose window, and then click on Hippo Video.

  1. You will see a Hippo Video widget opens on the right side of the compose box. 

  1. From the New Video drop-down menu located on the top right corner of the Hippo Video widget inside Outlook, select Record Video.

  1. You will see the video recorder window open in a new tab.

  2. Now, the world of videos is open to you. Create a new video, Import a video from the Hippo Video library, or Record your screen and share it

  1. Once you’ve completed your videos, it is ready to be shared.

  2. Click on the Insert Video to finish up.

  3. You will notice the video gets pasted as a thumbnail inside the compose mailbox. 

  4. Now, click Send.

  1. You have successfully sent a video email to your prospect from outlook. 

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