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Respond to a customer ticket with video inside Freshservice


  • Hippo Video account. Click here to Sign Up

  • Hippo Video App + Freshservice Integration. Click here to learn how to install

To respond to a customer ticket with a video inside Freshservice:

  1. Log in to your Freshserviceaccount.

  2. Click on the Tickets icon from the left navbar, to check the issue tickets created by customers.

  3. Now, click any one of the tickets.

  4. You’ll find the Hippo Video app at the right bottom.

  5. Click on the Hippo Video label, which will open a widget.

  6. Here, you can record or select an existing video from your Hippo Video library, ask the customer for a video testimonial, and ask the customer to record the issue.

  7. If you opt for 'RECORD EXPLAINER VIDEO' you will be directed to the recording page; you can select the required inputs to record and share the video.

  8. To send your customer an existing video solution, click on the Reply button on the top and then click on the Hippo Video icon which is available on the reply pane below; click on Add to Reply link near the video. 

  9. To let your customer record an issue, click on 'REPLY WITH VIDEO TICKET'.

  10. Finally, click Send to reply your customer.

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