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Send video emails within Salesforce (using HV Widget)


  • Hippo Video account. Click here to Sign Up.

  • Salesforce Add-on

To send 1:1 video emails from Salesforce:

  1. Login to, click on the App Launcher icon on the top left corner, and select 'Sales' from the pop-up.

  2. 1:1 video emails can be sent from the Leads tab & Contacts tab within Salesforce.  

  3. Here, for example, click on the Leads tab and select a lead listed below.

  1. You’ll notice that the Hippo Video widget appears on the right of the page.

To send an existing video:

  1. Move your cursor near the respective video.

  1. Click on 'Preview' to ensure you’ve picked the right video.

  1. Then click on 'Send Video'. You’ll notice that the thumbnail gets inserted in the email body.

  2. Add a personalized message & subject line and click 'Send'.

To record a new video, import video, or record your screen:

  1. Click on New Video and select Record Video from the pop-up.

  1. You will see the video recorder window open in a new tab. 

  1. Before recording, if you have any lengthy scripts then enable the teleprompter. The Enable Teleprompter feature within Hippo Video will prompt your scripts on the screen and lets you talk without the need to check your notes. To learn how to enable it, click here.

  2. You can create a new video (start recording button), record your screen and share it (record screen button) or import a video from the Hippo Video library (upload button).

  3. Once you’ve completed your videos, it is ready to be shared.

  4. Click on Insert Video.

  5. You will notice the video gets pasted as a thumbnail inside the compose mailbox. Hit Send.

  6. The video email is sent successfully to your prospect from Salesforce.

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