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Create prospect and send video emails

With Hippo Video, you can create prospects and send video emails instantly. 

To create prospects and send video emails:

  1. Log-in to Hippo Video with your existing credentials.

  2. Click on Contacts 360 icon from the left navbar and click on Prospecting Video Emails.  

  1. You can choose an existing prospect or import from CSV, sync with any CRM, add from google prospects, or add a new one.

  1. Click on Add Prospect from the top right to add a new one.

  1. In the Create Prospect dialog, fill in the details.

  2. You now can send a 1:1 video email to your prospect right away or later.

Note: You can track all the videos sent to a prospect.

To record later on:

  1. Click Create and you will see your contact listed under All Prospects.

  2. Now, click on Record & Send Video under Action and skip to Step 10.

To record the video immediately:

  1. Click Create & Record Video.

  1. You could use the in-built teleprompter feature if you are new to videos.

Note: Skip to Step 18 to record without using the teleprompter.

  1. Switch on the Teleprompter toggle, if you have a script.

  2. You can either choose an existing script or add a new one.

  3. To add a new one, click on Add New Script.

  4. In the new tab, fill in the details, and click Save.

  5. Navigate back to your recording tab and click Refresh  near the Add New Script.

  6. Choose your new script and proceed further.

Note:You have the option to modify the text size, line space, and speed of the teleprompter before the recording begins.

  1. Now, click on the Record button, to record your message.

  2. Once the recording is complete, click on the Stopto button. By default, your video will be saved in the Library.

  1. Click on Retake Video to record your video again.

  2. Click on More icon at the right side of the video preview, to clone, create gif, download, delete, and replace video.

  3. Click on the Thumbnailicon, to choose your preferred thumbnail. It is always recommended to choose a GIF thumbnail.

  4. Click on the Create Virtual Backgroundicon, to select the preferred background for your video.

  5. To edit or personalize your video, click the Edit & Personalize button below the video preview.

  1. Select the text New Recording above the video to change the default video name to a name of your choice.

  2. Enter the description.

  3. By default, the video will be saved inside the Others folder. Click the Plus icon near the Folders, to save the video in your preferred location.

  4. Click the Plus icon near the Tags, to add tags if any.

  1. By default, the sales page will be selected for your video (where the video gets embedded). If you wish to remove, preview or change the sales page video then click on the icons accordingly.

  1. By clicking on the Video CTA below the video preview, you’ll find options to add a link to book a meeting/demo, etc.

    To learn more about video CTA.

  2. Once you’ve done, you’ll have a Copy Link option to copy and share the link via LinkedIn, and HubSpot.

  3. Click on the Send For Review button, to share your video for peer review before sending it to your prospects (optional).

  4. Click on the Share/Embed Code icon, to share or embed the video in various platforms.

  1. Or click on Send Mail, to send the link via email and you will see the recorded video in the email body.

  2. Enter your prospect’s email address, a catchy subject line, the email message (choose a template or enter a message).

  3. Use Insert Merge Fields to personalize your recipient’s details and account user’s details.

  4. You also have an option to send out the mail later by selecting Schedule this email box. 

  5. Pick a date and time for the video email to be sent and hit Send.

  1. You will be prompted with the message that mail sent successfully.

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