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Get started with Hippo Video

Welcome to the getting started guide for Hippo Video. This article gives you a quick overview of the features and their purpose for having it. This way, you can quickly scan the screen in just a few minutes. 

Let’s get started quickly,

As soon as you log in to Hippo Video as a new user, you’ll be redirected to this getting started screen.

Note: Features will be listed based on the plan chosen.


Left Navigation Bar: A set of buttons or images in a column serves as a control point to link the user to various sections on a website.

Create button (top right): Let's create prospecting videos, record screen & send, import video, create video from images, create a sales page, import document/image, create teleprompter assets, and create custom templates.

Help icon (at the top right): Clicking on this icon will open up a pop in which you’ll find options to view how to use videos, knowledge base (help articles), link to schedule demo with the product expert, chat with the support team, and video tips.

Announcements icon (at the top right): Clicking on this icon will show all the new features and integrations which is released. 

Notifications icon (at the top right): All the information and real-time updates about your video fall under notifications: as soon as your email is opened; watched for the first time,  watched multiple times by a unique user, watched multiple times by a different user, and replied with video.

Dashboard (at the top right): The Hippo Video’s dashboard is composed of widgets that provide snapshots and visualizations of your data, allowing you to quickly view and compare different figures.

  • Sales Dashboard -  To get more information on the sales dashboard 

  • Marketing Dashboard - To get more information on the marketing dashboard

Profile icon (at the bottom left): Selecting this icon will display various options to navigate such as profile settings, change password, subscriptions, help, what’s new, FAQ’s, contact us, video tips, open get started, download Hippo video (MacOS, Windows, App Store, and Playstore), and sign out.

Getting started (center page): Provides a link to create & send video, create a new sales page, set up integrations, invite team members, book a personalized demo, & how to use Hippo Video.

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