Don't limit your teaching or your student's learning within a four-walled classroom and a blackboard.

Hippo Video offers you to record your lectures where you can include recording your on-screen activity, complex formulas and demonstrate the concepts with examples that help students understand quicker.

Let's see how you can record a lecture:

1. Login to your Hippo Video account and choose the required recording settings from 'SCREEN', 'MIC' OR 'WEBCAM' based on what you'd like to record.

2. You can also connect an external source to record webcam and audio.

3. Click 'RECORD' to start your video.

4. You can use markup tools to highlight things on the screen for explaining, focus on a specific area. Also, you can pause and stop your lecture from the markup toolbar.

5. Once you complete your lecture, select 'FINISH' from the extension.

6. You can edit your video lecture to precision and share the video to Gmail, Google Classroom, Google Drive or even export it to YouTube.

Check out the links below to know more options to share and export your videos from Hippo Video.

Share -

Export -

The video shows how to record a lecture.