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Use Gong Hippo Video Integration to Gain Actionable Insights

The integration of Gong with Hippo Video opens up opportunities for actionable insights and more effective deal closures. 

Here's a brief walkthrough video on how to integrate Hippo Video with Salesforce,

Here's how to leverage this integration in greater detail:

Step 1: Share Videos

After successfully integrating Gong with Hippo Video, you can start sharing videos with your prospects. Utilize Hippo Video's capabilities to share video content, such as product demonstrations or personalized messages.

Step 2: Explore Video Features

Take full advantage of the rich features offered by Hippo Video for your videos. This includes adding annotations, lead generation forms, and clickable CTAs (Call to Actions) on a dedicated sales page.

Step 3: Track Prospect Engagement

When your prospects interact with your videos, such as clicking on CTAs, annotations, or filling out lead generation forms, Hippo Video captures these interactions.

Step 4: Check Video Signals in Gong

  • Allow some time for these video interactions to be reflected in your Gong account. This may take a few minutes.

  • Navigate to your Gong account and select the specific deal associated with the contact whose video interaction you wish to review.

Step 5: Gain Actionable Insights

In your Gong account, you will find various activities related to the shared video. These activities typically include:

  1. "Video shared"

  2. "Sales page viewed"

  3. "CTA clicked"

  4. "Annotation clicked"

  5. "Lead gen form submissions"

Each of these activities provides valuable data that can inform your sales strategy.

Step 6: Use Insights for Better Deals

  • Leverage the insights gained from the Gong Hippo Video integration to tailor your approach for better deal closures.

  • Understand how your prospects engage with your video content and use this information to make informed decisions during your sales interactions.

By using the Gong Hippo Video integration and exploring these detailed steps, you can gather actionable insights that empower your sales team to close deals more effectively. Make the most of this powerful combination to boost your sales efforts and achieve better results.

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