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How do teachers invite students to join a class from Google Classroom?

With Google Classroom, you can invite students to enroll in your class in three different ways:

  • Send an invite link

  • Send an email invite 

  • Share a class code

Note: If students have trouble with the link or code, you can reset them, or send students an email invite instead.

To send an invite link:  

Each class you create has an invite link. You can share the link with students so they can join the class.

  1. Go to Google Classroom and login using your existing credentials.

  1. On the class card, click More Copy invite link.

  2. Go to your email account and paste the link in the compose box.

  3. Then, share the invite link with students from your internal communication chat or forum.  When students get your email, they can click the link to join your class. 

To send an email invite:  


You can send an email invite to individual students or to a group of students. Students can accept the invite in the email or in Classroom.

  1. Click the class you want to invite students to.

  1. At the top, click People Invite students .

  1. Enter the email address of a student or group and click Invite.

  2. After you send the invite, the list of invited students will be displayed here,

  1. Now, your students can click Join in the email or on the class card.

To invite students with class code:  

Each class you create has a class code. You can share the code with students so that they can join your class.

  1. Click the Class Settings icon at the top right.

  1. Scroll down and click on the Display class code.

  1. You’ll be able to get a larger view of the code.

  1. Send this code to the students. 

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