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How to capture the replies of the video emails sent through Outlook or HV using our "Email reply tracking" feature

After you’ve configured your Outlook with Hippo Video, you can capture the replies of the video emails sent to your prospect through Outlook or right inside your Hippo Video account,  using Hippo Video’s ‘Email reply tracking’ feature.


  • Enables the user to take appropriate follow-up action.

  • View your prospect’s replies in detail along with the previous email content (for both 1:1 and campaign emails).

  • Reply to your prospects (with or without a video) from where you read the replies.

  • Captured replies will add to the individual metrics and reports.


  • Hippo Video + Outlook configuration (all scopes authorized)

  • In Outlook, when you send video emails, the subject line must contain the keyword as the ‘Video’, to track the video replies


  • If you are configuring your Outlook account inside the Hippo Video for the first time, the view reply feature will be enabled automatically. 

  • If you are an existing user of Hippo Video, then you’ll be asked for reauthorization before sending an email or copying link, wherein you need to do Reauthorize, to enable the view reply feature (inside Hippo Video). 

Or you can always find an option to Reauthorize Outlook by clicking on the Settings icon from the left navigation bar > select Email Configuration card or click on the More icon from the left navigation bar > select Email Configuration card.

Or if you are signing in or signing up to Hippo Video from Outlook Hippo Video add-in, then you’ll be automatically authorized with the new scopes and the view reply feature will be enabled. 

Where can you find the video replied inside Hippo Video?

  • Notifications (at the top right)

How to view replies inside Hippo Video?

By clicking the View Reply link, the Email Replies window appears on the right side of the screen where you can view the replies in the detail.

Now, to reply, click on the Reply button from the top right wherein you can record a new video or import a video from your library.

Outlook use case:

When a Video email is sent from Outlook, it is mandatory to enter the keyword ‘Video’ in the subject line. This enables the email replies to be tracked and shown inside Hippo Video.

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