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How long will it take for the video to process ?

The duration of the video uploading process depends on the upload speed. The recommended upload speed is “at least 4 mbps''. However, HD-Quality might take a little longer than usual.

Videos that are under 10 minutes with 1080p recording quality can be processed in a few minutes, provided your internet connection is strong and stable.

Nevertheless, if you’ve recorded a long video and your upload speed is below the recommended speed level, the processing time will increase.

The progress of video rendering and upload progress can be monitored on the preview page. (See the snapshot below)

Please Note: In the event that your network connection is strong and the video processing takes longer than 30 minutes or gets stuck during processing, please reach out to our Support Team for help. They will provide guidance on troubleshooting steps or address any technical problems you might encounter.

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