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Personalize using Hippo Video merge fields

Merge fields are special tags you can put in your videos and sales pages that will be replaced with the sender or recipient information. There are three different types of merge fields -  Contacts, Users, and Videos.

Where can you use merge fields in Hippo Video:

You can use/find the merge fields in the following scenarios,

Recipient Merge Fields: 

The following merge fields can be used to replace your Contacts (recipient) information, 

Merge fields


${First Name}

Displays the recipient’s first name

${Company Name}

Displays the recipient’s company name


Displays the recipient’s email address

${Last Name}

Displays the recipient’s last name


Displays the recipient’s country


Displays the recipient’s city

${Phone Number}

Displays the recipient’s phone number


Displays the recipient’s designation in the company


Displays the recipient’s state


Displays the recipient’s address

Sender Merge Fields: 

The following merge fields can be used to replace User (sender) information, 

Merge fields


${User. First Name}

Displays the sender’s first name

${User. Company Name}

Displays the sender’s company name

${User. Email}

Displays the sender’s email address

${User. Last Name}

Displays the sender’s last name

${User. Facebook Link}

Displays the sender’s Facebook link

${User. Twitter Link}

Displays the sender’s Twitter link

${User. LinkedIn Link}

Displays the sender’s LinkedIn link

${User. Calendar Link}

Displays the sender’s calendar link

${User. Phone Number}

Displays the sender’s phone number

${User. Title}

Displays the sender’s designation in the company

Video Merge Fields: 

The following merge fields can be used to replace your Videos (shared videos) information, 

Merge fields


${Video. URL}

Displays the URL of the primary video

${Video. Description}

Displays the description of the primary video

${Video. Title}

Displays the title of the primary video

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