The Hippo Video integration for Salesforce helps sales reps humanize prospect engagement by letting them easily create, share, and track personalized video content within Salesforce. There are two parts to integrating Hippo Video within Salesforce.

  • Installing Hippo Video app.

  • Adding the Hippo Video widget in the leads & contacts page.


  • Hippo Video Account. Sign-up here if you are a new user. 

Here's brief walkthrough video on how to integrate Hippo Video with Salesforce,

To install Hippo Video with Salesforce:

  1. Log-in to using your existing credentials.

  1. Click on the App Launcher icon from the top left and then click on View All.

  1. Click on the Visit AppExchange button on the top right.

  1. Inside the AppExchange, search for Hippo Video and you shall find it listed under the Apps Store tab. 

  1. Select Hippo Video for Salesforce, click on Get It Now, and complete the check-out process.
    Note: Hippo Video provides a free 14-day trial and you won’t be charged until the 14th day.  

  1. Now, click on the Open Login Screen at the bottom right and then click on the Go to AppExchange Website button at the bottom.

  1. Click on the Get It Now button. Your Hippo Video App will be installed inside Salesforce

To enable the Salesforce inside Hippo Video:

Enabling the Salesforce inside the Hippo Video is mandatory for integration.

  1. Go to the Integrations tab inside Hippo Video.

  2. Search for Salesforce below the Sales tab.

  1. Click on Install. The new tab will appear where you’ll be asked to provide the Salesforce credentials to complete the installation process. 

To configure Hippo Video widget inside Salesforce:

  1. Log-in to using your existing credentials.

  2. Click on the App Launcher icon from the top left and then click on Sales

  3. Click on any of your prospects listed under the Leads tab.

  1. Click on the Gear icon on the top right corner of the page and select Edit Page from the drop-down menu.

  2. Scroll down to find Hippo Video on the bottom left of the page, under Custom - Managed.

  3. You can now click and drag the Hippo Video widget anywhere on the screen according to your convenience.

  1. Click on Save followed by Back to return to the leads page.

  2. You will now notice that Hippo Video widget has been added to the page.

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