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Add meeting links globally

Are your videos not converting leads into customers? If yes, a CTA(call to action) might get your work done instantly. By adding a CTA to your video, you can captivate and drive the results that you desired from your target audience.

With Hippo Video, you can quickly boost lead generation and sales by embedding a meeting/demo link at the end of your video. In addition to that, you can always track your meeting link clicks made against your videos.

To add a CTA or meeting link globally:

By adding CTA globally, it will get displayed at the end of all your videos, by default.

  1. Click on the More icon and then click the Settings. 

  1. Or click on the Settings icon from the left navbar.

  2. Select Video Settings.

  1. In-Video Meeting link permissions:

    1. By default, the Enable this CTA at the end of the video toggle button is on. Note: applicable for Standard Admin and Standard User.

    2. By default, the Apply to all users in the account toggle button is off. Note: applicable only for Standard Admin.

  2. Enter the name, designation, button name, and meeting link.

  3. You have an option to customize your font settings such as font case, size, style, and insert the merge field.

  4. Once you’ve done, click on the Save.

Note: You can edit the timeline actions anytime.

That’s it! Your video is good to go.

To learn more how to add a CTA or meeting link for a specific videos i.e. new video or existing video.

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