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Record a video using Deep integration

To create a video:

  1. Select the Record Video option from the New Video pop-up.

  1. Click on Start Recording.

Note: Before recording, if you have any lengthy scripts then enable the teleprompter. The Enable Teleprompter feature within Hippo Video will prompt your scripts on the screen and lets you talk without the need to check your notes. Click here to learn how to enable it.

  1. Once you’ve done, click on Finish Recording.

  1. You’ll be redirected preview page.

  2. Click on the Retake Video to re-record the video, if necessary.

  1. Select the text New Recording above the video to change the default video name to a name of your choice.

  2. Please enter a description of the video. Select the folder where the video should be saved. By default, your video will be saved inside the email account you selected to record it from.

  3. Add tags to your videos to make them easier to find.

  4. By default, the sales page template for your video is set. You can choose to send your video via a sales page template or not by clicking on the respective icons, such as removeview, or edit


Video thumbnails are the face of a video; most users choose videos with catchy thumbnails. It is recommended to choose an animated GIF thumbnail over a static one. First and Last few portions of your video will be merged and shown as a thumbnail (endless loop/loop continuously). Your customer will get to know that it is a video attached and not an image (static).

To set the thumbnail:

  1. Below the video preview, click on the Video Thumbnail icon.

  1. By default, the GIF Preview is selected. This lets you grab the attention of your prospects.

  2. If you want to change the thumbnail, then select your preferred thumbnail.

  • Default Frame - Displays the default thumbnail of your video.

  • Upload Frame - Select and upload the frame from your local drive.

  • Choose Frame - Select the frame from your video.

Virtual Background:

You can now use an image and video as a virtual background for your videos by using the Virtual Background feature. It can be any existing animation or background videos or images that you want to use as your virtual background. In addition to that, you can also use your webpage screenshot as the virtual background to add value to your brand.

To apply virtual background:

  1. Below the video preview, click on the Virtual Background icon.

  1. You’ll see the default background templates.

  2. Folder - Choose the folder you want to add the background; Tags - Add tags, if any; Show Content Type - Choose videos or images to set as background. 

  3. The Default (None) tab allows you to reset your backgroundthe Add Background tab allows you to add background either from your local drive or G-drive; the LinkedIn Background tab allows you to add a LinkedIn screenshot as your background; the Website Background tab allows you to add a Website screenshot as your background.

  1. Once you’ve selected your preferred background, click on Apply.

Note:  By clicking on the Cancel button, your virtual background selection will be discarded. However, you can always choose the video from your Library to apply a virtual background later on.

Meeting link

Are your videos not converting leads into customers? If yes, a CTA(call to action) might get your work done instantly. By adding a CTA to your video, you can captivate and drive the results that you desired from your target audience.

To add a meeting link:

  1. Scroll down and choose the Interactive Video CTA tab. You’ll notice various options to add to your video.

  1. Click on the In-Video Meeting Link to add a link to book meetings/demos and increase prospect engagement link.

  2. Just fill in your name, designation, button name, link to your calendar, and click on Apply.

  3. Once you’ve done with the changes, click on the Insert Video button.

  4. You'll notice that the video thumbnail gets inserted inside the email body.

  5. Now, your video is ready to be shared.

Note:  Go back to proceed further.


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