Be it onboarding new customers or sending them Halloween discounts, we rely on emails to communicate information. Customers, on the other hand, receive hundreds of emails in their inboxes everyday. But most of these mailers sound like bots and lack that personal connect between the sender and recipients.

If you’re not getting the desired response, it means your emails lack personalization. At Hippo Video, we make personalization seem so easy.


How to set personalized video campaigns?

To begin with,

  1. Select a video you’d like to personalize.

  2. Tap on the ‘PERSONALIZE VIDEO’ tile available on the right side of the video. Choose ‘VIDEO’ title to start personalizing your video from there on.

  3. To personalize your video, click on ‘ADD TEXT’ and type ‘$’ in the text box and choose the merge fields you want to add in your video.

  4. You can choose to add merge fields at any time, for any frame, and you can also set the display time, as per your requirements.

  5. Once you’ve made changes to your video, click ‘SAVE.’

Now to set an email campaign,

  1. Go to ‘VIDEO CAMPAIGNS’ and select ‘SEND EMAIL.’ Allow Hippo Video to access your mail account to send emails on behalf of you.

  1. Choose your email account provider to get started. 

  2. Import contacts to your Hippo Video account by clicking onand then selecting a spreadsheet from your Google Sheets/Google Contacts or add manually.

  3. Once you’ve imported your contacts, enter a subject line. To personalize your subject line,  type ‘$’ and select a merge field.
  4. Then you can add your email content along with a video link which is already present.
  5. Click ‘SEND’ to launch your email campaign.

Note: In the spreadsheet you import, make sure you give the right title for each column in the top row, for the merge fields to work.

Here’s a video guide that shows the above process: