Hippo Video allows you to capture or collect emails from the viewers who watch your videos. The viewer who watches the video for the first time is treated as a viewer with intent. Enabling this feature helps in identifying qualified leads. You can enable or disable this option while sharing your videos with a specific prospect. We have two types of settings:

  • Global setting - Enabling or disabling will be applied to all the videos while sharing. By default, the  Global settings will be automatically applied to all the integrations.

  • Internal setting - Enabling or disabling for the specific video at the time of share.

Note: This feature is available only for 'Sales Growth and Enterprise Plans'.

  • By default, the prospects who enter the email address before watching the video will be added as a contact in Hippo Video below the People tab, and all their behaviors such as a watch video or click into your video will be captured.

  • The email will not be asked for the first view (assuming them to the intended recipient)

  • For subsequent views, prospects will be asked to enter his/her email ID. In case the prospect’s details are available via cookies, it will be fetched automatically without the prospect having to enter it


The below pop-up form appears to your prospect for entering the email address before watching the video,

To enable this feature as a global setting

  1. Log in to Hippo Video using your credentials.

  2. Click on the Settings icon from the left navbar and then click on Video Settings.

  3. Scroll down towards the end to see the Require email to view option.

  1. Toggle on Enable ‘Require email to view’ by default for all the workflows to collect the email addresses of users and qualify leads. 

  2. Once you’re done, click Save at the top right.

Now, as soon as the viewer clicks the video he/she will be prompted with the message to enter their email address. This will be mandatory for the user to watch the video. 

Note: Below screenshots illustrate the availability of this feature inside the product during workflows such as copying links, sending emails, etc. 

You see this option below Video preview page - Sales Page 

You see this option below Video preview page - Link 

This option is available inside Video Campaign > Send Email

This option is available inside Video Campaigns > Campaign Link

You see this option on the Sales Pages 

This option is available inside Sales Pages > Campaigns > Send Email

This option is available inside Sales Pages > Campaigns > Campaign Link

You can see this option below +Create > Create Prospecting Video - Copy Link

To view the detailed reports of the person who watches the video 

Click on Video Info > Reports from the center pane and then click on the View Detailed Reports button.