Hippo Video has introduced a powerful and novel feature that helps in winning the trust of your users in your brand. Customer testimonials are one of the most efficient ways to turn your subscribers into customers. Though there are numerous ways to collect testimonials, sending a personalized link to ask for a testimonial is the most flexible way.

Now let’s see how collecting testimonials is a cupcake with Hippo Video.

  1. Login to Hippo Video using your existing credentials and click on the More icon from the left navbar > Testimonials.

  1. Click on Add New Testimonial.

  1. You can give a name to your testimonial campaign, set a title, and even display a customized message for a personalized customer experience.

  2. If you’d like to appreciate their efforts for submitting a testimonial, you can thank your customers with a customized message. This message will be displayed right after they submit their testimonial.

  3. In case you want to give a personal touch and introduce your testimonial to your recipients, you can create a video that will be displayed on the page.

  4. Then, you can set the video duration limit for your customers and choose the details you’d like them to share (e.g., email, phone number, etc.)

  5. You can also allow your customers to upload a video by enabling the specific option.


After you completely customize your testimonial campaign, click SAVE, and then share the testimonial link with your customers. Testimonials that are recorded with the same testimonial campaign link will be automatically added to that specific testimonial.


Note: Customer Testimonial feature is available as an add-on in all plans.