When it comes to videos, there is no fixed way to create or edit them. Adding a picture over the video is one of the common things we see. With Hippo Video,  you can quickly overlay images on your video and edit seamlessly.

Follow the steps below on how to overlay images on video:

  1. First of all, prepare the image/images that you want to add to your video.

  2. Select the video to which you want to add images.

  3. Hover over ‘Edit Video’ → select ‘Quick Edit’ and go to the frame or time in the video where you want to add the image.

  1. Now click on the (image icon) and select ‘Add Image.’

  1. Now import the image which you want to overlay on your video. You can import images from your local drive, G-Drive, or from web. Hippo Video supports JPEG, PNG, BMP formats with a maximum file size of 5 MB.

  1. Once the file is imported, you can place it anywhere on the video by simply dragging.

  1. To apply the changes, click ‘SAVE.’

If you want to add fade effects to your images navigate to ‘Edit Video’ → ‘Pro Edit.’

Check out this video guide for the same process:


Contact us if you have any questions.