Sometimes your video might contain some sensitive information you'd rather not like to share with everyone. For instance, your phone number or personal email id may appear in the video. This is where you can use the blur effect to prevent the misuse of sensitive data. Read on to find out how to blur a sensitive space in your video.

To conceal private information using the blur feature

  1. Login to Hippo Video using your existing credentials.

  2. Click on Library icon from the left navbar and select the video you wish to add a blur effect to.

  3. Above the video preview, by hovering over the Edit Video button you will be able to see two options.

  1. Select Quick Edit option.

  2. Now, click on the water drop icon which is available on the pane below the video preview.

  3. To add blur, click on the Add New Blur button.

  4. You can drag the squared blur anywhere on your screen to hide your data.

  5. To intensify the blur effect, increase the strength digit.


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