Template builder can help customize and make edits to pre-set templates based on the guidelines set by the admin. To understand more about the feature benefits, click here

As a User, if you want to select the template (created by admin) and create the video, please follow the steps below, 

  1. Sign-up here if you are a new user or go to Template Builder.
    Note: Only Admin will have permission to create templates.

  1. You will be navigated to the following screen.

  1. Now, select the template. You can also select the template either by sorting or searching (at the top of the screen). 

  2. If the Content Option is chosen as Pre-defined Video by the Admin, then you’ll not have an option to change the video/image.
    Example of Pre-defined video: 

Note: You can adjust the volume of the background music on each slide (below the video preview) and the Lock icon at the top right corner of the slide indicates no action required.

  1. If the Content Option is chosen as Dynamic Video, then you’ll be able to record or select a video based on the video options enabled by the Admin.
    Example of Dynamic Video:

Note: By default, the Teleprompter is enabled. For more details on the teleprompter, click here.

  1. Once you’ve completed the process, click on Merge & Save at the top right corner.

Note: By default, the merged video is saved inside the library under the folder set by Admin.

  1. Your videos are stitched and ready to share the video either by copy and paste the link inside your favorite tool or by email.