Install the Hippo Video App. Click here to download

to Hippo Video:

  1. Open the Hippo Video app - if you are already a member then click Sign In.

  1. Enter your email address & password and then click Sign In.

Note: If you want to save your password in the iCloud keychain then click on Save Password or else Select Not Now

  1. You have successfully logged into the Hippo Video app.

Sign-out from Hippo Video:

  1. Click on theProfile icon at the bottom of your screen.

  1. Here, you will have various options:

    1. Help - Navigates to the Knowledge Base page where you can find the list of help articles.

    2. Contact Support - Opens up the email compose box with the support email address so you can send an email to the support team for any queries.

    3. Rate Our App - Here you can rate our app which helps us to improve our product in the future.

  2. Click Sign out.  You will be prompted with the confirmation message at the bottom whether to Sign out or Cancel.

  3. Click Sign out, to exit the Hippo Video app or Cancel, to continue.

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