Generally, the chatbot helps us automate your customer service. It allows customers the option of self-service and answers to a range of questions quickly & easily at any point. It is also a  key to optimize sales pages for a high conversion rate by engaging them on a more personal level. With Hippo Video, you can now embed a HubSpot chatbot inside the Sales page. 

To embed a HubSpot chat inside HV sales page:

  1. Go to Sales Pages and choose the Sales page in which you wish to embed the HubSpot chatbot

  2. In the Sales Page Preview, click on Integrate Hubspot from the right tab.

Note: The Tracking Id is mandatory to embed the chatbot inside the sales page.

  1. Now, open the new tab and login to HubSpot using existing credentials. 

  2. On the top right corner, click on the Settings icon.

  3. From the left side panel, click on Reports Tracking Code

  1. Navigate back to Hippo Video Sales Page Preview and paste the copied Tracking Id.

  1. Click Save. The Integration added successfully message will be prompted at the top of the screen.

  2. For the HubSpot chatbot to be  enabled inside your sales page, click:

    1. In the video preview (bottom of the video), click on Copy Link with Thumbnail.

    2. Open the new tab and paste the URL.

  1. You will now see the HubSpot Chatbot at the bottom right corner.

Note: In the case of multiple chatbots inside HubSpot, you have an option to decide when the bot should appear on your sales page by setting conditions in the Target section inside HubSpot. For more details, please click here, to learn and explore the possibilities.

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