Outlook with Hippo Video

  • Record a 1:1 video message for your prospects

  • Share videos on a Landing page

  • Improve your sales pitch with the help of merge fields

  • Import videos from your local drive, and access your Hippo Video library

  • Obtain real-time notifications every time of your video, i.e. whether your video email is opened/played, or your recipients take any other action


  • Exchange or Outlook.com account (Sign-up here if you are a new user)

  • Your Outlook client must support web-based add-ins if they are connected to a Microsoft Exchange server OR Office 365 using a direct connection

Outlook client versions support


  • Outlook 2013 and 2016 for Windows (this is an installed desktop app version of Outlook).

  • Outlook 2016 for Mac (this is an installed desktop app version of Outlook)

  • Outlook on the web for Exchange 2016 and Office 365

  • Outlook Web Access for Exchange 2013

  • Outlook.com

Functionalities Supported in Outlook:


Recording (Webcam)

Recording (Screen)

Upload from Local Drive

Outlook for Mac (desktop app)


No(requires Chrome extension to be installed)


Outlook for Windows (desktop app)


No(requires Chrome extension to be installed)


Outlook web app in Chrome


No(requires Chrome extension to be installed)


Outlook web app in Firefox




Outlook web app in Safari




Outlook web app in Edge




Outlook web app in IE




Hippo Video features inside Outlook

Open Outlook: 

  1. Login to Outlook (Desktop version) account with your credentials.

  2. On the top left corner, click on New Email

  3. In the compose window, click on the Send Video Email - Hippo Video icon at the top right corner. 

  1. You’ll see a widget on the right side of your screen, as shown below.

Note: At the bottom of the widget, you have an option to Sign out from Hippo Video. The Check pricing link will open the Pricing page of the Hippo Video.

Record a Video:

  1. Click on New Video > Record Video from the right side widget. You will be navigated to the Create Prospecting Video screen inside Hippo Video (in new tab).

Note: The Enable Teleprompter feature within Hippo Video will prompt you scripts on the screen and lets you talk without the need to check your notes.

  1. Before recording, if you have any lengthy scripts then enable the teleprompter by following the below steps else skip to Step 3.

    1. Click on Enable Teleprompter.

    2. Now, you can either select from the list or create a new one.

    3. In case, if you want to add a new script then click on the Add New Script at the top of the video.

    4. In the new tab, fill in the details, and click on Save.

    5. Navigate back to your recording tab and click Refresh  near the Add New Script link.

Note: You have the options to modify the text size, line space, and even the speed of the teleprompter before the recording begins.

  1. You will see button - Upload

  1. Upload at the bottom of the video, to choose an existing video from the local drive/recorded videos (hippo video library)/g-drive.

  1. Now, click on Start recording to record your message.

  2. Click on Finish Recording, when done.

Edit a Video:

  1. Click on the Edit Video on the right side of the video, to trim, crop, add emojis, callouts, blur, and resize by clicking on the appropriate icons.

  1. Click on Save when done.

Personalize a Video:

The Personalize Video on the right side of the video helps to add text, image, personalized image (company logo), website snapshot by clicking on the appropriate buttons.

  1. Click on +Merge Fields and then choose the First Name from the list.

  2. You will notice the text ‘${First Name}’ getting added to the video.

  3. You may choose to add a short message (Hi) before or after the merge field variable.

  1. Click on the orange band on the seek bar to enter the personalized text’s start and end time.

  1. Now, click on Save. 

Virtual Background:

The Virtual Background on the right side of the video helps to change the background of your videos.

  1. Click on Virtual Background and you will see the default background templates.

  1. Select the preferred background for your video, and then click on Apply.

Set Thumbnail:

Video thumbnails are the face of a video; most users choose the videos with catchy thumbnails.

  1. You will have various options to choose a thumbnail.

  2. Click on Grab the attention of your prospects with a GIF Preview.

Note: Always recommended to choose a GIF thumbnail. GIF preview (animated) - First and Last few portions of your video will be merged and shown as a thumbnail (endless loop/loop continuously). Your customer will get to know that it is a video attached and not an image (static).

Add CTA or Meeting Link:

A call to action (CTA) will direct the users to the next step, such as a button that says Buy Now, Book a Meeting, Request for Demo, etc. 

  1. Click on Add a link to book meetings/demos and increase prospect engagement. 

  2. By default, the Meeting Link will be selected. Just fill in your name, designation, button name, link to your calendar, and click on Add.

  3. You can also add CTAs and images to redirect users to a particular page or add an HTML code.

Set Landing Page:

A landing page is a static page of your video, designed to convert visitors into leads. They usually are intended for a specific purpose such as a sign-up, gathering information, or selling a product.

  1. Click on Choose a Sales Landing Page to embed your video. 

  2. From the list, select a template of your choice. 

Note: You can create one sales page for multiple videos and the entire team can use it while sending videos. The Merge fields are auto-replaced by prospect information such as eg: First Name, Company name, etc.

Insert and Send Video:

  1. Now, click on Insert Video.

  2. Enter the recipient details.

Note: The email address of your recipient fetches by default (from the To field). 

  1. It will take 5-6 seconds to close the current tab.

  2. Once it is closed, you need to open the Outlook tab. 

  3. You will notice the video gets pasted as a thumbnail. 

  4. Enter a subject line if you wish, and click on Send

Import and Send Video:

  1. Click on the Import Video from the right side widget. 

  2. Select the video from your local drive/recorded videos/G-drive.

  3. Then, click on Proceed and then click on Insert Video.

  4. You shall notice the video gets pasted as a thumbnail.

  5. Enter a subject line if you wish, and click Send.

Send an Existing Video:

  1. Click on the My Videos/All Videos from the right side widget. 

  2. All your pre-recorded videos shall be sorted by categories and displayed here. Click on Insert video near the appropriate video thumbnail.

  3. Now, select the landing page from the existing list or create a new one by clicking on the Create Landing Page link at the top right corner of the widget.

Note: The green tick indicates the selection. 

  1. Click Next and enter the recipient details.

  1. Now click, Okay. You shall notice the video gets pasted as a thumbnail.

  2. Enter a subject line, and click Send.

Track Videos:

HV will notify you whenever someone watches your videos, opens email, etc. via Chrome extension. 

  1. Click on the Hippo Video Chrome Extension icon at the top right corner and click on the Notificationicon.

  1. Now, you will be able to see the notifications for the videos you sent.