Hippo Video now introduces a playback control for your video with the play, pause, forward and backward buttons. The users can always modify the playback experience to their preferences.

Enhanced Player Features

  1. Play/Pause, Forward, and Backward buttons 

Note: The forward and backward buttons will appear only on a mobile. 

  1. Playback Speed Control - Usually, the playback speed of the video is set as 1x Speed. To change the You can customize the speed by clicking on the Gear icon at the right bottom of the player. 

Note: To customize the speed, click on Copy Link with Thumbnail at the bottom of the video preview and paste it on a new tab. The changes made will not be saved.

Branding Settings

Add more value to your videos and bring extra eyeballs to your business. With Hippo Video, you can add your brand’s logo to every video you create and share. Player branding lets your viewers recognize your brand when they see it on the video. 

To set branding and player themes

  1. Login to Hippo Video account with your existing credentials.

  2. Click on the More icon from the left navbar and then click on the Settings.

  3. You will see three categories displayed below the Branding section.

    1. Top bar logo in delivery page - A logo that appears on your video preview page to the top-left corner (marked below).

  1. Logo inside the player - A logo that appears to the lower-right corner of your video.

  1. Favicon and Page title - A logo that  is displayed in the address bar of your site.

  1. Now, to add a logo, click Add logo and select the image from your library.

  2. You will notice the selected image appearing on the empty pane next to the respective categories.

  1. Below the Player Settings section, click on the Change (Pencil icon) and change your player theme.

  2. Once you’ve done, click on the Save.