• Hippo Video Account. Sign-up here if you are a new user.

  • Drift Account. 

With Hippo Video, you can also integrate with your favorite tools. 

Let’s see an example of integration with Drift

  1. Login to Hippo Video using existing credentials.

  2. Click on the Library icon from the left navbar > Sales Pages and then select the sales page you wish to integrate with your favorite tool.

  1. Click on Integrate Drift from the center pane. 

  1. To get App Id from Drift, log in to Drift using existing credentials. 

  2. On the bottom left corner, click on your Profile icon > Settings.

  1. Click on Drift Widget under App Settings

  1. Select  JavaScript under Install.

  2. Scroll down the code displayed. Towards the end of the code, you will find the API ID.

  1. Copy that part of the code and paste it into Hippo Video.

  1. Click Save. You shall receive a confirmation message as Integration added successfully at the top of the page.