1. Go to Sales Pages under ‘Sales’.

  1. Click on ‘Create A New Sales Page’. 

  2. Select a template you wish to use.

  1. You can either Preview your template or directly use the 'Create Page' option. 

  1. Click on “Add Primary Video” to add a video to your page. 

There are two ways by which you can add a video:

  1. By uploading a pre-recorded video from the Library. 

  2. By recording a live video 

  • Click on Create Video.

  • Click on the ‘Record’ button.

  • Here you can authorize permission for screen recording, webcam, and microphone, based on how you want your video to be. 

  • Click on Finish Recording once you have finished. 

  •  Please note that if you wish to choose an existing video from the library, you can directly click on ‘Import new video’, select your video, and click on ‘Proceed’.

Note: Once you have added your primary video, you can scroll down and add multiple other slider videos as a carousel. 

Your video gets added as a thumbnail. 

Note: You can edit various aspects of the sales page such as the company logo, header text, and icons, and add or change the Call To Action button below the thumbnail.

  1. Click on ‘Next’. 

  2. Fill in the fields required such as sales page name and URL. You can also edit the privacy settings, icon, and thumbnail. 

  1. Hit ‘Save and Next’. 

  2. Add or import a contact, enter a subject line, and click on ‘Send’ in the email layout on the right. In case you do not want to send the sales page right away, you have an option to schedule it for later. 

  1. You shall be redirected to the Hippo Video page layout.

Note: If you want to paste your video along with thumbnail in any other website or email layout, you have an option to do so by clicking on the ‘Copy with thumbnail’ icon below the video thumbnail displayed at the center of the page. 

 You can also integrate with your favorite tools here. 

In this manual, we shall demonstrate a sample integration with Drift. 

  1. Click on ‘Integrate’ on the quick navigation bar to the left. 


  1. Login to Drift using your existing credentials.

  2. On the bottom left corner, click on your profile icon to find ‘Settings’. 

  1. Click on ‘Drift Widget’ under App Settings. 

  1. Select  ‘JavaScript’ under Install.

  1. Scroll down the code displayed. Towards the end of the code, you will find the API ID.


  1. Copy that part of the code and paste it in Hippo Video.


                8. Click ‘Save’. You shall receive a notification confirming that the campaign has been launched successfully.