Hippo Video chrome extension needs to be installed to send out a 1:1 video email from Pardot. 

Click here to learn about the chrome extension installation.

  1. Under Hippo Video integrations, ensure the toggle next to ‘Pardot: Quick Record Widget’ has been set to ‘On’. 

  1. In a new tab, login to Pardot using your existing credentials. 

  2. Under the Marketing tab, click on ‘Emails’ and further select ‘New List Email’.

  3. Click on the Hippo Video icon displayed at the top of the email layout. 

  4. You can either choose an existing video from the Library or record a live video. 

  5. Once you have selected a video, you can choose individual landing pages and select a thumbnail, and click on ‘Copy to Clipboard’. 

  6. Enter a subject line and hit ‘Send’. 

  7. You shall notice the video is now displayed as a thumbnail in the email layout.